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     Reggie Jackson Pitches Online Casino Wed Aug 2 2018 A few weeks ago, Reggie Jackson became one of a number of celebrities to endorse an Internet casino. The baseball Hall-of-Famer now welcomes players on to participate in blackjack, roulette, and other casino games. Jackson is paid a fee to endorse and lend his celebrity image to the casino, but it is operated by Transworld Network, S.A. and WorldNet Casinos, Inc. A disclaimer on the site makes it clear that the “website is neither owned nor operated in any manner by Reggie Jackson, or by any entity in which he has an ownership interest.”

     However, Jackson is still employed by Major League Baseball as a special assistant to the New York Yankees, and the casino endorsement is alarming. “This is definitely something we have to look in to and investigate,” says Rich Levin, a spokesman in Major League Baseball’s press office in New York. “We are very concerned about anyone in Major League Baseball who is involved in any form of gambling.” Tom Somach reports on

     Justice Dept. Drafts Bill to Ban Internet Gambling Thu Aug 3 2018 The U.S. House of Representatives failed last month to pass the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act (HR 3125), but now Interactive Gaming News reports that the Justice Department introduced its own bill to prohibit online gambling on July 27. Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) is sponsor of the Comprehensive Internet Gambling Prohibition Act of 2000 (HR 5020).

     The newer bill aims to prohibit Internet gambling by extending the almost 40-year-old Wire Wager Act, which prohibits interstate gambling on sports “by phone or wire.” It is possible that many representatives that voted against HR 3125 will favor HR 5020. However, Congress can take no action on either HR 5020 or HR 3125 until it reconvenes on September 6. Interactive Gaming News has the complete story. Subscription required.


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